Airebis Samoyeds 

*Coco's Show Kids*


The Dam 



Hips  R2/L1 Total 3
 (International grade A1)
Elbows  0/0 Total 0
Eyes  Clear
Gonioscopy   Excellent (100% Open)

 Coco also known as "Mrs Pops" was a fabulous girl to live with, and very much a loved member of the Hughes family.

Coco has passed onto "The Kids" wonderful breed qualities and attributes including her endearing personality.
Coco had loads of character and enjoyed bouncing around and playing with her kids on a daily basis.
She was often the biggest puppy!!!

(Coco was only shown sparingly, but obtained her Australian title, winning a number of large Challenge Bitch and Best of Breeds) 

Coco has produced three litters, all lovely examples of the breed and have been recognised at Speciality and All breed levels. Her proudest moment was her sons (half brothers) being awarded Best in Show (Indi) and Runner Up Best in Show (Sonnet) at the 2010 Australian National Speciality Show. 
Coco herself was also awarded most successful Dam as all her kids present were awarded a place on the podium.

At the 2012 Victorian Speciality, Coco was awarded best Progeny, with Inka, Sonnet, Shimmer, Saskia, and Dannika.


Coco's show kids
Australian Champion Airebis Moonlite Rendezvous "Indiana" 
Australian Champion /Neuter Champion Airebis Chase the Moonlite HIC "Inka"
Australian Grand Champion/ Neuter Champion Airebis Kissed By Moonlite HIC RN "Shimmer"
Australian Champion Airebis Moonlite Splendour "Zoe"

Australian Champion Airebis Moonlit Diamond Night (AI) "Sonnet"
Italian Junior Champion Airebis Diamond in a Velvet Sky (AI) "Sylvi"

Australian Supreme Champion Airebis Czars Dream "Loki"
Australian Champion Airebis The Sweetest Dream "Saskia"
Australian Supreme Champion Airebis What Dreams Are Made Of "Dannika"
Australian Champion Airebis Summer Dream "Yuki"

Getting to know the kids

their successes, their health, their progeny & their personalities.....

The Airebis "Moonlites" 
Sire: Mezen Jedi Knight
Dam: Aust Ch. Snerzok Coco Azzure

Whelped: 13 February 2008

"Indiana" Aust Ch Airebis Moonlite Rendezvous

Career Highlights:

Speciality Shows
Best In Show - Australian Samoyed National 2010 (189 entered)
Runner Up Best In Show - 50th Anniversary Show NSW Samoyed Club
Multi Best Class in Show

All Breeds Shows
Best in Group (BIG1)
Multi Best of Breeds & Dog CC. 

Indi is also a certificated Therapy Dog with Delta Society Australia and works at Westmead Children's Hospital, NSW.

Hips 2/3 total 5 (International grade A1)
Elbows - 0/0
Eyes "normal"
Gonioscopy Excellent (100% open)(1

Progeny being shown: 
Aust. CH Zarine Secret Rendezvous "Koda"

Aust CH. Zareine Secret Kiss CCD RN ET "Gypsy"
Zareine Secret Liason "Lily"

*Winner of Samoyed Puppy of the Year 2011, ^Samoyed of the Year 4th

Indiana is fondly known as "the Boof", he is very spoilt by Karen and Stephen Smith (NSW). Indi absolutely adores his human sister Scarlett & baby bro Beau, and spends most of the day next to them. He loves going for walks and playing with his toys. Soccor is his favorite sport with his owner Stephen. Indi isn't shown often but when he hits the ring he stands out... When shown he is exhibited by Kellie Hughes. Indi is currently a Delta Dog visiting Westmead Childrens hospital in Sydney with Karen on a regular basis to cheer up very unwell kids.

Available at Stud to Approved Bitches.

Full Pedgree -

 Shimmer "Aust Grand Ch Airebis Kissed by Moonlite (HIC) RN 

Career Highlights:

Shimmer has NEVER been unplaced at a Samoyed Speciality Show 

Speciality Shows:
Runner Up Best In Show - 2012 Vic Speciality (128 entered)
Multi Best class in Show winner,
Reserve CC - 2011 SA Speciality, 
Reserve CC - 2010 VIC Speciality
Multi Best Brace with 1/2 Bro Sonnet & Dam Coco
Most Successful Intermediate Bitch 2009/2010 SCV Pointscore

All Breed Shows:
Multi Best in Group Winner (BIG1) 
Multi Runner up Best in Group winner (BIG2) 
Multi Class in Group & Show winner
Multi Best of Breeds & Bitch CC's

Shimmer has her Herding Instinct Certificate, enjoys social Agility and recently is involved in dancing with dogs. Gained her Rally Obedience title 17 March 2018 with a score of 95/100 

Hips - 4/4 total 8 (International grade A2)
Elbows - 0/0 total 0
Eyes "normal"
Gonioscopy Excellent (100% open)

Progeny being shown:  
Aust Ch Airebis Dancing in the Summer Rain "Cherry"
Aust Ch Airebis Dancing in the Moonlite "Apache"
Aust Ch/Neut Ch Airebis Dancing in a Winter Breeze "Skadi"
Airebis Dancing the Night Away "Taggers"
Airebis Dancing in Venice "Tilkah"


Shimmer has many nicknames due to her antics, most common is "Miss Roo", with one clap Shimmer leaps into Kellie's arms, turns over and is her big baby, happily falling asleep. Shim adores her toys and carries one everywhere she goes, at last count she had 72 toys (a spoilt child). Kellie & Shimmer enjoy many activies together including showing, herding, agility and recently dancing with dogs, but the best is cuddles on the couch. She is an absolute princess... she is glamourous and she knows it! She is Kellie's special girl and loves been by Kellie's side no matter what the activity. After Kellie's knee surgery, Shimmer would claim into the recliner and fall asleep with Kellie.

Full Pedigree -
Shimmers page -


Inka "Aust Ch/Neut Ch Airebis Chase the Moonlite (HIC)

Career Highlights:

All Breeds Shows
Multi Best in Group,
Multi Class in Show winner, 
Multi Best of Breeds and Dog CC's

Inka also has his Herding Instinct Certificate

Hips L3/R14* total 17 (International grade B1)
* Inka did incur an injury at 7 months to his back and right hip. It is our belief that this is the reason for his higher score on one hip. Inka's sire, dam and his litter mates (that have been scored) have excellent scores.
Elbows - 0/0 total 0
Eyes - "normal"
Gonioscopy - Good (60% Open)

Progeny being shown:
BPISS Kimsova Inka's Image


Inka also known as "Mr Binks", live's with Mark and Melanie Jeffery and they just adore this boy. When they get home from work, Inka gets very excited (the whole bum whiggles from side to side) and greets them with big cuddles. He has a wonderful personality and is a very intelligent boy! He enjoys this daily long walks with Mark visiting the local lake and seeing the ducks, to return and receive snuggles with Melanie. Inka is extremely excited to receive his denta bone each morning before Mel & Mark head to work. 

Excellent type, excellent pigmentation, very good coat and head, excellent gait – excellent.
Judge: Dr Renata Fossati (Italy) Samoyed Specialist, June 2011, South Australian Championship Show.

"Nice male, good wedge shaped head, dark almond shaped eye, broad muzzle but in between coats. Good mover when he settled."
Judge: Mrs Carole Hamilton (Scotland), National Samoyed Speciality 2010


Available at Stud to Approved Bitches. 

Full Pedigree -
Full Profile -

Zoe "Aust Ch Airebis Moonlite Spendour

Career Highlights:

All breeds shows:
Multi class in group winner,
Multi Best of Breeds & Bitch CC's

Shown sparlingly in Western Australia

(There are no Samoyed  Speciality Shows in WA)

Hips - 0/0 total 0 "perfect hips" (International grade A1)
Elbows - 0/0 total 0
Eyes - yet to be tested

Progeny being shown:
BIS2# Kietra Knights Skye "Edyn"
Kietra No Time Two Looz "EDee"

Aust Ch Kietra Dolce By Design "Dolce"
Aust Ch Kietra Fendi By Design "Kira"

#open show


Zoe is such a sweetheart and wooh wooh's (doggy talking) are her speciality. Zoe became a mum herself in 2009 and was a natural, taking very good care of her little ones. She is loved by Linda De Ronchi (Kietra Samoyeds) and her family in Western Australia. She enjoys playing chasey with her mate Spencer in the backyard. 

Full Pedigree -


The Airebis "Diamonds" 
Sire: NZ CH. BIS & Multi BIG Roybridge Diamond Crusader at Nikolaevsk (Imp. UK)
Dam: Aust Ch. Snerzok Coco Azzure

Whelped: 6 October 2009

Sonnet "Aust Ch Airebis Moonlit Diamond Night (AI)

Career Highlights:

Speciality Shows:
RU Best in Show - Australian Samoyed National 2010
RU Best in Speciality Show - SA Samoyed Club 2011
Multi Best Class in Show
Dog Challange - SA Samoyed Club 2011
Res Dog CC - Australian Samoyed National 2010
Res Dog CC - SA Samoyed Club 2010
Samoyed of the Year 4th - SCV Samoyed of the Year 2011
Most Successful Puppy 2009/2010 SCV Point Score

All Breeds Shows
No.1 Rising Star Samoyed Dogzonline point score 2010,
Multiple Best class in show winner
Multiple Best of Breed & Dog CC's.
Res Dog CC - Brisbane Royal 2010

Hips - 2/4 total 6 (International grade A2)
Elbows - 0/0 total 0
Eyes "normal"
Gonioscopy Very Good (80% open)(1

Progeny being shown:

Aust Ch. Snowsled Lucky Moonlite "Crystal" (Qld)
Aust Ch Airebis The Way you Make me Smile "Sonor" (Vic)
Aust Ch. Airebis Smile Your on Fire "Ryder" (Vic)
Kimsova Silva Spirit "Spirit" (Vic)
Kimskova Silva Aneres "Reece" (ViC)
Kimskova Touch of Style "Sabrina" (VIC)
Aust Ch. Sunmist Diamond Cut Design "Charli" (O/S)
Airebis A Shimmer Of Moonlite "Elara" (Vic)


Sonnet is such a class clown, when he is on his game he is amazing and at specialities he has stood out!!! But Mr Sonnet also known as Mr Cuddles can be extremely cheeky and makes sure he has fun in the ring. Regardless, Kellie does very much enjoys showing him. Sonnet loves his half sister Shimmer and they are often found snuggled up sleeping together. We look forward to many wondering and exciting years with Sonnet and his cheeky ways.

"Excellent type, the bite is just a scissor, excellent neck, head and eyes, excellent coat and tail, excellent gait, excellent forequarters - excellent"
Judge: Dr Renata Fossati (Italy) South Australian Samoyed Speciality 2011,
Runner Up Best in Show, Dog Challenge & Best Intermediate in Show

"Very attractive young male, nice size, impressive outline and balance, nicely combines substance and quality. Lovely head, eye and that true smiling expression. Well set arched neck, strong, true, free yet elegant gait. Well presented and handled to perfection"
Judge: Mrs Carole Hamilton (Scotland) National Speciality 2010,
Runner Up Best In Show, Reserve Dog Challenge, Best Minor Puppy in Show & Puppy Champion

"This is a very nice moderate dog. He has a beautiful head with an excellent eye, ears and expression. He is structurally very nice and shows it when he moves. He is very nice coming and going. His side gait show good balance with excellent foot timing and good reach and drive. This is a very nice puppy"
Judge: Mrs Larry Mackai (USA) SA 50th Anniversary Speciality 2010,
Best Puppy in Show & Reserve Challenge Dog 

Full Pedigree -
Full Profile -


Sylvi "Jr Italian Ch Airebis Diamond in a Velvet Sky (AI)

Career Highlights:

Junior Italian Champion Title
multiple firsts in large classes in Italy
In Aust. award first in every breed class exhibited, Res Bitch Samoyed Club of Victoria members comp 2010. 

Only shown sparingly

Hips - A/A "perfect hips" (International A1)
Elbows - 0/0 total 0
Eyes  "Normal"

Progeny being shown:
Nord White Noblesse Imperial Diamond
Multi Group Winner IT Ch. Endry Diamond in a Velvet Sky


Sylvi is the apple of Enzo's eye! It was really nice to see the love they have for eachother, when I visited Italy (early 2011). Sylvi is very much a smoocher and loves cuddles. She is a strong bitch in her movement and construction. It was extremely nice to see how she was growing but also really pleasing to see how much she is loved and adored. Sylvi became a mum is 2011 and we hear she was fabulous

Full Pedigree -     
Monet "Airebis Reflection of a Diamond (AI)

Monet, didn't enjoy the show ring as much as her brother and sister. She prefers many cuddles and playing with the young girls that own her, so she is now a loving family member. Her son "Dane" loves the ring and enjoys attending shows.

Another very nice feminine puppy. Head and face just need to broaden out. Lovely eyes and ears, coat and condition excellent. Presentation was quite lovely and a good mover.

Hips - L8/R4 Total 12 
Elbows - 0/0 total 0
Eyes  "Normal", 80% Open (Very Good)

Progeny being shown: 
Aust Ch. Airebis The Power of Reflection "Dane"
Aust Ch. Airebis The Power of Attraction "Leonardo"


The Airebis "Dream" Kids
Sire: Multi BIG Aust Ch Zamora Royale Czar
Dam: Aust Ch. Snerzok Coco Azzure

Whelped: 8 July 2011

Loki "Aust Supreme Ch Airebis Czars Dream"

Career Highlights:
Multi Best in Show 2nd
Best in Show 4th at Adelaide Winter international (BIS4)
Multiple Best in Group (BIG1)
Multiple Runner Up Best in Group (BIG2)
Multiple Best Junior in Group & a Best Junior in Show
Multiple Best Puppy in Group & a Best Puppy in Show

Multiple Best Minor in Group & a Best Minor in Show
Best Baby Puppy in Group

Hips - L1/R1 Total 2 (International grade A1)
Elbows: 0/0 Total 0
Eyes: 75% Open
Eyes: TBA
Progeny being shown:
Aust Ch. Airebis Ready to Conquer
Aust Ch. Airebis Ready for Love

Mr Loki, also affectionately known as "Pokiemon" or "Pokies" is loved by Trish, Sarah & Georia. Loki enjoys long walks followed by cuddles. He is a born showman, we are very proud of his achievements at such a young age. He is a cuddly boy and loves snuggles with Sarah, often hogging the pillow during the night. He has loads of energy and is such a happy fun dog

Full Pedigree -

Saskia "Aust Ch. Airebis The Sweetest Dream"

Speciality Shows:
Winner of Samoyed Puppy of the Year 2012, SCV

All Breeds Show:
Best Puppy in Show
Best Puppy in Group
Multiple Best Minor Puppy in Group,
Best of Breed & Multi Bitch CC

Hips - L1/R1 Total 2 (International grade A1)
Eyes "Normal"
Gonioscopy - Excellent (95% Open)

Progeny being shown:

Pandeya Sweet Cupid "Olivia"

Pandeya Sweet Spendour "Misty"
Pandeya Sweet N Sassy "Indi"
Aust Ch. Airebis Rendezvous at Midnight "Omar"
Airebis A Rose at Midnight "Luna"
Airebis Fireworks at Midnight "Chase"

Saskia is loved and owned by Belinda Dunn (Pandeyah Samoyeds). She enjoys getting dirty and having fun with her kennel mate "Fletcher" (Ch Snerzok Jedi Fletcher), she especially enjoys visiting the dog park so she can run and run. Saskia loves the show ring, but after a long day out enjoys cuddles on the couch with Belinda's partner Jay.

Full Pedigree -

Dannika "Aust Supreme Ch. Airebis What Dreams Are Made Of"

Career Highlights:

Speciality Shows:
Bitch Challenge at the 2018 SA Speciality
Best Exhibit in Show Neuter 2021 SCV

All Breed Shows:
Multiple Best in Show 1st
Multiple Best in Show 2nd
Multiple  Best in Group 1st
Multiple RU Best in Groups (BIG2) - 5 by 12 months,
Multiple Best of Breeds & Bitch Challenges
Multiple Best Intermediate in Groups

Multiple Best Junior in Groups & a Junior in Show
Multiple Best Puppy in Groups & Puppy in Shows
Best Baby Puppy in Group
Australian Champion title at 12 months of age 

(unbeatten in the baby puppy bitch class with large competition)

Hips - L2/R4 total 6 (International grade A2)
Elbows - 0/0 total 0
Eyes - "normal"
Gonioscopy - Very Good (80% Open)

Progeny being shown: 
Aust Supreme Ch. Airebis I Will Always Love You "Tamikka"
Airebis Love Conquers All (exp NZ) "Tneesha"
Aust Ch. Airebis The Essence of Love "Cy"
Airebis When I Fall in Love "Crosby"
Aust Ch. Airebis Whisper I Love You "Tahleha"

Aust Ch. Airebis I Love Cookies N Cream "Biscuit"
Aust Ch. Airebis the Journey of Love "Saxton"
Aust Ch. Airebis Can You Feel The Love Tonight "Simba"
Airebis You Made Me Love You "Gracie"

Dannika, nicknamed "Fluffy Nickers" by Kellie, is owned and loved by the Hughes Family (Airebis Samoyeds) and exhibited by Kellie Hughes. Nickers adores the show ring and gets very excited when she sees the show lead. A very intelligent girl who loves to run, but is also super snuggly and happy to cuddle on the couch.
not only is she extremely successful in the show ring but so is her progeny

Full Pedigree  -


Yuki "Aust Ch. Airebis Summer Dream"

Career Highlights:
Multiple Best Class in Group winner
(Yuki is very sparingly shown)

Yuki is loved and owned by Cookie, a very spoilt samoyed but such a gorgeous girl. Yuki was bottle feed for the first 3 weeks of her life by Kellie and Judy as there were 9 puppies in the litter and she was one of the smallest, however as the puppies grew we could see potential in her and the special little bundle of joy is as big as her other sister, well balanced, gorgeous solid body and fabulous movement. Yuki loved being shown, but now is retired.



The Sire's

Moonlites - Mezen Jedi Knight

Diamonds - Multi BIS/BIG1 NZ Ch Roybridge Diamond Crusader at Nikolaevsk (Imp. UK)

Dream - Multi BIG1/BIG2 Aust. Ch Zamora Royale Czar

Photo's below of the Moonlite, Diamond & Dream Kids



Kellie Coco, and her kids
~ Sonnet, Indi, Inka & Sylvi with coco laying in front ~
The Moonlites
~ Shimmer, Zoe, Inka & Indi ~
Inka and Indi at 8 weeks
Inka on the move
Little lizzy aka Shimmer
This girl can move...
Indi what a stunner
Indi and Shimm... don't they look alike?
Indi & Shimmer @ the Royal Melb 09
the 3 kids
Proud of my kids
I'm sweet!
the boys - Indi & Inka at 19months
Indi and his mum Coco
Indi & Shimmer with their prizes from the 50th Anniversary NSW Show
(Indi RU Best in Show, Shimmer Best Intermediate in Show)
Inka and Shimmer
~ Cheeky kids ~
Gorgeous Shimmer
Indi Winning BEST IN SHOW Samoyed National
Shimmer and Sonnet in Brace
The diamonds with coco
Sonnet winning RU Best in Show Samoyed National 2010
Sonnet 7 1/2 months
Sonnet winning Puppy in Show & Res CC SA Speciality
Sonnet Winning RU Best in Speciality SA 2011


Contact Airebis Samoyeds:

Judy, Graham, Kellie and Melanie Hughes
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0431 616 464 
Email :
[email protected]

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