Airebis Samoyeds 

~ Darvid's progeny



Introducing the show progeny of 
Multi BIS1 Aust Supreme Ch Artaigas' Essence When I Fall in Love (ITA)

Sire of:
ONE Australian Supreme Champion
16 Australian Champions
TWO New Zealand Champion
ONE Neuter Champion

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The Airebis "Dancing" Litter
Dam: RBISS/ Multi BIG Aust Ch Airebis Kissed By Moonlite RN
6 puppies, 3 shown
(Whelped 8 February 2013)

Aust. Champion
Best Inter in Show & Multi Best Class in Group 
Airebis Dancing in the Moonlite 

(Hips: TBA, Elbows: TBA, Eyes: Normal Goni: 80% Open)

Aust. Champion 
Best in Group & Multi Best Class in Show
Airebis Dancing in the Summer Rain 


(Hips: 2/4 Total 6, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Normal Goni: 100% Open)

Aust. Champion/Neuter Champion 
Multi Best Class in Group 
Airebis Dancing in a Winter Breeze 


The Airebis "Power" Litter
Dam: Airebis Reflection of a Diamond (AI)
2 puppies, 1 shown

(Whelped 6 June 2013)

Aust. Champion 
Multi Best in Group, RU Best in Group & Multi Best Class in Show 
Australia's NO.1 Rising Star Samoyed 2014 DOL
Airebis The Power of Attraction 

(Hips: 1/4 Total 5, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Normal Goni: 100% Open)


The Kimsova "Sparkle" Litter
Dam: Kimsova Inka's Image
(Whelped 22 June 2013)

Aust. Champion
RU Best in Group & Best Class in Group
Kimskova Sparkle and Shimmer



The Kietra "Designer" Litter
Dam: Aust Ch Airebis Moonlite Spendour
(Whelped 9 September 2013)

Aust. Champion
Multi Best Class in Show
Kietra Dolce By Design


Aust. Champion
Multi Best Class in Group
Kietra Fendi By Design



The Belaia "Affair" Litter
Dam: Snowbrook Spirit of Beauty
(Whelped 13 November 2013)


Aust. Champion
Multi Best Class in Group
 Belaia An Affair to Remember


(Hips: 2/2 Total 4,  Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Normal Goni: 80% Open)

Best Class in Group
Belaia Ellegant Affair


(Hips: 3/2 Total 5,  Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Normal Goni: 100% Open)


NZ. Champion
Best Class in Group
Belaia Love Affair at Bentara (Exp NZ)


The Airebis ​"Love" litter
Dam: Multi BIS/Multi BIS2 Supreme Ch Airebis What Dreams R Made Of
litter of 6, 3 shown
(Whelped 7 October 2014)

Aust. Supreme Grand Champion
Best in Speciality winner, RU Best in Speciality winner, 
Best in Show All Breeds, Multi RU Best in Show,
Multi Best in Group & Multi Class in Show

Australia's No.1 Rising Star Samoyed 2015
The first Supreme Bitch to gain the title in Victoria

Airebis I Will Always Love You

(Hips: 3/4 Total 7, Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Normal Goni: 75% Open)

Aust. Champion
Best in Group Winner & Multi Class in Show
Airebis The Essence of Love

Multi Best Class in Groups
Multiple CC Winner

Airebis Love Conquers All (Exp NZ)


The Kimsova "Storm" Litter
Dam: Kimsova Storm
(Whelped 2 February 2017)

Aust. Champion
 Kimskova Storm of Scarlet 


The Airebis ​"Love" litter
Multi BIS/Multi BIS2 Supreme Ch Airebis What Dreams R Made Of
litter of 8, 5 shown
(Whelped 15 January 2016)

Aust. Champion
Multi Class in Show Winner, RU Best in Open Show & Multi RU Best in Group All Breeds
Airebis I Love Cookies N Cream

(Hips: 3/3 Total 6,  Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Normal Goni: 66% Open)

Aust. Champion & NZ Champion
Samoyed Puppy of the Year 2016, RU Best in Open Parade,
RU Best in Group & Multi Class in Show Winner

Airebis Whisper I Love You

(Hips: 4/3 Total 7,  Elbows: 0/0, Eyes: Normal Goni: 80% Open 20% sheets)

Multi Class in Show
Airebis You Made Me Love You

Aust. Champion
RU Best Exhibit in Group & Best Class in Group
Airebis The Journey of Love

Aust. Champion
Best Class in Speciality Show & Best class in Group
Airebis Can You Feel The Love Tonight



Ch Airebis Dancing in the Moonlite
"Tamikka" Supreme Ch Airebis I Will Always Love You
Ch Airebis Dancing in the Summer Rain
Ch Kietra Dolce By Design
Ch Airebis the Power of Attraction
Ch Kimskova Sparkle and Shimmer being shown in SA
Ch Belaia An Affair to Remember being shown in NSW


Contact Airebis Samoyeds:

Judy, Graham, Kellie and Melanie Hughes
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0431 616 464 
Email :
[email protected]

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